District Meeting

  • Russell Pascarella – District Deputy
  • Bob Melko – State Warden
  • Jerry Johns and J.A. Arroyo represented our Council.
  • Our delegates to the State Convention were elected during the last meeting. J.A. Arroyo and Brennan Mercer were elected as the delegates with Bill Hoover and Phil Kragel were elected as Alternates.
  • Submissions have to printed and mailed in for the Service Program Awards.
    • This includes:
      • Church,
      • Family,
      • Culture of Life,
      • Community,
      • Council, and
      • Youth
  • Grand Knight’s Book – email Ron Schwartz
  • Membership Drive
    • Planning the successful Blitz
    • Get the Prospect List from the parish (new members)
    • Our quota is 3, set the goals higher
    • One member, one prospect
    • one new member per month is the State goal
    • KofC Car decals and give a ways
      • t-shirts
      • pens
      • Keep Christ in Christmas decals/magnets
    • We can scan form 100’s and send to Recruitment and the Insurance Agent!
    • Engage the new members. Find out their interests and get the program director to follow-up within 24 hours!
    • Shining Armor Award
  • Two Ultrasounds are currently in the Tulsa area (Catholic Charities, Owasso Birth Choice, and a third is on the way) through the Ultrasound Initiative (Change for Life).
  • Engaging our priests.
  • Spaghetti Dinner on Sat Night after Mass (once a month)
    • Use as a Membership opportunity
    • 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 with prospects
    • Follow up within 48 hours
    • engage wives
    • once a month dinners

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